Camping Izvor-Podgorica

New offers in Hostel Izvor ! The only auto camp in town! Auto Camp Izvor!

8 places for Auto Camping!

You can park your trailer, car, motorcycle, or you can camp in tents, on a large area in front of the hostel, which has a 24h/7 video surveillance. The area for auto camping has its own electricity, so all trailers and individuals can use electricity- for free.

Using the toilet is also free, and the space for each trailer, motorcycle or tent are charged extra. All campers are provided with shower with hot water 24 h/7.Showers will be charged per person. The space is organized in a manner that meets the needs of campers, and staff of the hostel is at your disposal for any further information.

Also, the hostel has a restaurant where all who come to the Auto Camping can have breakfast, lunch, dinner and use the space and dishes for free. Next to the camping area, there is a Hostel Izvor Tavern, where you can prepare meals according to your wishes, with use of our inventory. Sleep tight in your trailers or tents next to the river Moraca, with a beautiful natural setting.

You can visit our web site,if you need any informations,photos…

Price List:

AUTOMOTO Camping Izvor


Price per person - Adults 5,00Eur
Children 5-12 3,00 Eur
Children till 5 0,00Eur
Tent 3,00Eur
Car 3,00Eur
Caravan 3,00Eur
Camper 4,00Eur
Motorcycle 2,00Eur
Bycycle 1,00Eur
Washing machine facilities 2,00Eur
Tourist tax is included in price (0,70 )

Is free of charge:
Electricity and water facilities, empting of solid and chemical waste, cold and hot showers usage, cooling devices usage, .wi-fi,outside barbique, computer used.
Tourist tax is included in the price list. Children from 7 to 15 years old have a discount of 50% and children till 6 years old are free of charging.
Services are paid in euros

All information and reservations by email address:

telephone numbers +382 67364760
+ 382 68 043 341

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Informació de contacte

Podgorica, Smokovac bb.
Podgorica, Montenegro, Montenegro


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Camping Izvor-Podgorica

Podgorica, Smokovac bb.
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